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Volume 1 Issue 3 November 2011


The following papers are selected for publication in International Journal of Computing and Corporate Research ISSN (Online) : 2249-054X.

Title : A Comparative Study of Cellular Service Provider Operating in Bathinda

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M1-112011

Authors : Vipan Bansal, Harwinder Singh, Rakesh Bhatia

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Title : Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Measurement and Analysis of Intellectual Capital

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M2-112011

Authors : Dr. Shurveer S. Bhanawat, Nidhi Bhanawat

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Title : Analysis of Security Issues of Mobile WiMAX 802.16e and Their Solutions

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M3-112011

Authors : Gaurav Soni, Sandeep Kaushal

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Title : Free Space Optics System - Performance and Link Availability

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M4-112011

Authors : Gaurav Soni, Jagjeet Malhotra

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Title : Mobile WiMAX Technology and Its Comparison with various competing Technologies

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M5-112011

Authors : Gaurav Soni, Sandeep Kaushal

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Title : QCR - A methodology for software evolution analysis

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M6-112011

Authors : Esha Bansal, Nisha Bansal

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Title : An Analysis of Cloud Computing

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M7-112011

Authors : Esha Bansal, Nisha Bansal

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Title : Simulation For Enhancing The Response And Processing Time Of Datacenter

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M8-112011

Authors : Manisha Malhotra

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Economic and Social Impacts of E-Commerce

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M9-112011

Authors : Dr. Bimal Anjum, Rajesh Tiwari

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Multi-Agent Approach Towards Face Recognition

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M10-112011

Authors : Rajeev Gupta

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An Intuitive Method for Hilbert Curve Coding

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M11-112011

Authors : Sasmita Mishra

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Software Reliability Estimation through Reducing Cost using Faults Tolerance Technique in Design Phase

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M12-112011

Authors : Arun Kumar Choudhary, R. K. Choudhary

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Windows Operating System Vulnerabilities

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M13-112011

Authors : Gaurav Sharma, Ashish Kumar, Vandana Sharma

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Morphology Based Non Uniform Background Removal for Particle Analysis : A Comparative Study

Manuscript ID : ISSN2249054X-V1I3M14-112011

Authors : Prabhdeep Singh, Dr. A. K. Garg

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